Rural Land Watch is in the rural property business.

Does looking for rural property on the internet have to be so confusing…..and can you trust all the pretty pictures and descriptions to be accurate?

What if I get scammed you’re likely thinking.

We thought the same thing when we started Rural Land Watch. We wanted to purchase an isolated 5 acre property to park our RV on without having to drive up and down every bumpy country road and dialing up local strangers with faded “For Sale by Owner” signs.

That is where we started. We’re a small, family-owned company that focuses 100% on acquiring parcels of beautiful, rural property for vacation or investment purposes. And our #1 goal we keep in mind each day is to source property close to fun and convienent amenities that make them more liveable. We love properties that are close to:

  • Fishing, Hunting and Camping
  • Mountains, Lakes and Rivers
  • Medical and Shopping

Most of our buyers have never purchased property online before - so how do we make shopping for land on the internet easy, fun and secure?

We take each opportunity to work with our customers in a relaxed way. This is not a race - and it sometimes takes a few weeks or months to get the ideal acreage sourced, researched and conveyed.

And because we’re property lovers ourselves – our small team is uniquely suited to assist you in selecting the ideal piece of property you’ve dreamed of for years. We accept all questions and carefully work with you to get them answered.

Let’s get your ideas and location… and shape our hunt for that ideal property together.

So reach out to us any way you’d like, phone, email …(Yes, we’re on Facebook too)… and let’s talk about our process and how we may make a good fit to be your source for pristine, rural vacation acreage you and your family have dreamed of.


We’ve worked hard to earn a great reputation with our customers - See why below.

Wide Coverage

Get in touch with parcels you are looking for and let us locate those for you.

Technical Assistance

We know there are lots of questions about purchasing new property and we’re here to help.

Take a quick video tour and meet our team - click and watch below

“My wife and I were worried about buying property online…without using a real estate agent for the purchase. We’d never done this kind of thing before.

But after a phone call with Tim - we were able to work together to easily identify the exact property lines, complete the legal research necessary with the county, and finally buy our 7 acres without a hitch.

Three weeks later the completed deed with our name on it arrived in the mail.

We really recommend calling Tim directly and letting him show you how you can work together to complete the research you need to feel comfortable….and locate the rural property of your dreams.

Now it’s time to build our hunting cabin”

Richard, Pushmataha County Oklahoma

“My wife’s father had left her 12 acres in South East Oklahoma after he passed away in 1989, but the actual details of getting it in to our name with the county was so confusing.

Tim was patient, and worked with us and the county folks to fill out the needed forms and successfully get the acreage (finally) into my wife’s name.

Sometimes all you need is a little help to get over the legal speedbumps that are so difficult and emotional.

We would advise you to get in touch with your questions, and work it out together - it really isn’t as difficult as it seems”.

Mark & Jeanie, Latimer County Oklahoma

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