Quick story.

About a year ago, we purchased the 17-acre property in Throckmorton County. Took it through title and even purchased title insurance. There was, we later learned, a mix-up in the county’s GIS data, and we did not end up with the property we thought we had.

So, we’ve decided to sell it at an exceptional price to you!

The property is located east of the town of Throckmorton, south of the airport. There is access to the the property via an access road on the west side of the property. (See enclosed parcel map).

Here are the details:

Parcel ID: 3887

Parcel Size: 17 Acres

Parcel Address: Airport Road, Throckmorton


We’re asking $2,000 per acre, or $34,000, for the property.

We thought it might fit best for folks interested in:

ü Grazing cattle or planting hay

ü Dove, hog or deer hunting

ü Camping or ATV weekend fun

If you, or anyone you know, are interested, please call me at (682) 727-0530 or send me an email at 17.ac[email protected] and we can talk more about it.

My plan is to list this property for sale in 30 – 45 days or so. If you have any interest in this property, be sure to let me know prior to this date.

Even if you just have some questions, I’d be happy to visit about those.

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