1.25 Acres – St Johns, Apache County, Arizona

Witch Well is one of America’s last frontiers, with close proximity to the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona. The land remains virtually unchanged since the days the first settlers arrived in Northern Arizona. It is a land abundant with history. Today the area consists primarily of small ranches and a small town atmosphere that makes you feel welcome. Wildlife is abundant in the White Mountains. You can see antelope, deer and magnificent elk on the plains. Witch Well is located half way between Sanders (I-40) and St. John’s, AZ on Highway 191, at mile marker 340. The towns of Greer, Springerville, Snowflake and Show Low are very close. This is a great area for hiking, fishing and hunting.

This property is located near the Witch Well Tavern at the intersection of US 191 & AZ SR61. It is an old family operated business. The unincorporated village consists mainly of the tavern and ranches. The area will be appreciated by people that want to live life off the grid. You’ll find straw built homes, underground homes, cabins, site built homes and manufactured homes. Some people live year round in their RV’s and thoroughly enjoy it!

The town of St. John’s is 25 miles away and it is the County Seat. It provides the local residents with gas, groceries, a drug store, hardware store and restaurants.

At an altitude of 6,400 feet, the weather in Witch Well offers a cool, secluded respite from the heat of the surrounding desert. The average maximum temperature in July, the hottest month, is 90.1 degrees. Winters are mild with maximum lows in the mid-teens. Snowfall averages 18.3 inches per year and generally melts off within a day or two. With little or no light pollution and the clean, clear skies of the desert, you’ll be able to witness gorgeous red sunsets and beautiful starry nights.

Many people haul water from St. Johns. It is economical and easy. Some people prefer to have their own well drilled. There are many qualified local well drillers in the area.




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City: St Johns

County: Apache

State: Arizona

Country: United States

Latitude: 34.900855711458796

Longitude: -109.25328254699708









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Apache County, AZ

WHERE IS THE PROPERTY LOCATED? The lot is located about 1 ½ miles west/southwest from the intersection of US Highway 191 and Arizona State Highway 61 near the Witch Well Tavern. Witch Well is located approximately 30 miles north of St. Johns, Arizona in Apache County.

WHAT IS THE AVERAGE ELEVATION OF THE PROPERTY? The average elevation is approximately 6,100 feet above sea level.

WHAT DOES THE PROPERTY LOOK LIKE? Surround yourself with fabulous panoramic vistas and great landscape views of the high desert of the White Mountains. It’s the perfect setting for the unspoiled countryside of Apache County. With every breath of fresh, clean air, you’ll know this pristine unspoiled property is for you – especially since it exists in harmony with nature and wildlife.

WHAT TOWNS ARE CLOSEST TO THE PROPERTY? This scenic property is approximately 30 miles north of St. Johns, Arizona, 25 miles south of Sanders, Arizona, 247 miles east of Phoenix, Arizona, and 179 miles west of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

WHAT ARE MOST PEOPLE PLANNING TO DO WITH THEIR LAND? This property is ideal for off the grid living. You can build alternative housing, plan a bug out location, or just a place for the family to camp on the weekends. One of the nice things about Apache County, Arizona is that there is no time limit as to how long you can park your RV on the property. You can take your RV, park it on your land, and live there as long as you want.

WHAT ABOUT WATER? You can drill a well on your property or bring water in from St. Johns. Many qualified well drillers operate out of St. Johns. Use Google for more information.

WHAT ABOUT UTILITIES? Currently, no utilities exist on the property.

WHAT ARE THE PROPERTY TAXES FOR A PARCEL? Taxes can be verified with Apache County Tax assesor’s office.

WHEN DO I RECEIVE A DEED TO MY PROPERTY? The very day you sign the purchase contract, the land is yours to use and enjoy. Typically we will send all documentation via overnight delivery.

CAN I RESELL MY PROPERTY IN THE FUTURE AND MAKE A PROFIT? While there is no guarantee of profit from any land sale, historically land prices have increased in value. We believe there are many reasons for this upward trend, including inflation, population growth, a decreasing supply of land, the public’s desire for a more natural environment, trend toward movement away from urban areas and the increasing popularity of outdoor recreational activities.

IS THERE A PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION OR ANY RESTRICTIONS ON THE PROPERTY? No. There is no Homeowners’ Association on this property. You’re free to build on the property or develop as you see fit.

WHAT WILL THE ROAD SURFACE BE LIKE? Once you leave the asphalt from the highway, you can expect dirt roads.

DOES A BUYER HAVE TO BUILD A HOUSE WITHIN A CERTAIN TIME FRAME? A buyer is never obligated to a timeframe to build on their property.

CAN I MAKE AN OFFER AND WHAT KINDS OF DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE? Offers are discouraged as the properties are priced for immediate sale under our “No Haggle” pricing policy.

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